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Instinkt. Optagelser under vandet. Double LP.

by. Gry Bagøien

The lp Instinkt, consist of recordings of me trying to communicate with whales underwater, in northern Norway.

The recordings are from boats, bridges and land. You can hear the humpback whales reacting to my voice, as well as the sound of the mechanical drone noise, of the fishing boats, that blend with the ultra high sinus song of the Orcas.

The album comes with a hand-made booklet, with photos from the project, linoleum press and texts about sound under water and whales.

The Album Instinkt is a limited edition of 25 signed pieces.

Lastlanguage 2017

Terratorium. LP 60,min.

by. Gry Bagøien

Terratorium is part of an installation

The installation is composed of, soundscape, collage, painting and sculptures which all relate to a territory.

The soundscapes describe a state of being as a landscape, an inner place that reaches far beyond the horizon.

When the night is described as a sculpture.

The LP Terratorium is a limited edition of 80 signed pieces.

Lastlanguage 2015.

Instinkt. Booklet.

by. Gry Bagøien

The Album Instinkt, comes with a handmade booklet, each with different photos and Art works.

Here you can see a booklet as it could look like

Lastlanguage 2017.

Sange for planter. 7, single.

by. Gry Bagøien

Sange for Planter (Songs for Plants) is part of an investigation into the plant Desmodium Gyrans and its reaction to the human voice. The songs are created in collaboration with the plant from notes and lyrics to which the plant has shown a particularly sensitive reaction (Desmodium Gyrans is a tropical Asian shrub, also known as telegraph plant or semaphore plant. It is related to the mimosa and the venus flytrap and is especially sensitive to sound and telepathy. When exposed to this, Desmodium Gyrans moves its leaflets in elliptical patterns at speeds high enough to be seen by the naked eye.)

Sange for Planter was recorded and performed at kunstkapellet KIKshh. 2014.

Lastlanguage 2015.